Our Services

The physicians of Copely Eye Clinic are specialists who provide primary eye health care.

Services Include:

Eye Health Examinations For All Ages From Six(6) Months To

Seasoned Citizens

Medical Diagnosis and Treatment For:
Diabetes and Associated Retinal Changes
Cataracts – Pre and Post Operative Care
Laser Sight Corrections(Lasik) – Pre and Post Operative Care
Dry Eye Syndrome To Include Amniotic Membrane Therapy
Sudden Change or Loss Of Vision
Foreign Objects In The Eye(s)
Eye Injuries
Allergic Conditions
Inflammatory Disease
Ocular Infections
Prescription Services

DEA Licensed

Contact Lenses of All Types With Specialty In Keratoconus and Scleral Lenses, Monofit, Bifocal and Cosmetic lenses.
Prescription Eyeglasses For All Budgets With Fabricating Lab On Premises