The Copely Eye Clinic has serviced the South Orlando since 1972.

As an important member of the healthcare team, you play a vital role in helping maintain the eye health and clear vision for this Orlando community. Our facilities care for private pay patients as well as members of major insurance carriers and all other insurance plans for which benefits and eligibility can be verified and confirmed.

Referral by our patients is the major source for stability and growth of the practice. Therefore, all that we do is directed toward being prompt, efficient, kind, caring and dedicated to patient satisfaction.

Whether patients come to The Copely Eye Clinic through a friend or referring insurance plan, we are happy when they choose us for their care. We want all patients to be confident that the best eye care, personal attention and prescription products are provided in our private office setting.

About Our Office:

Mission Statement:

Our mission is to provide kind, caring and personalized service-reputable, experienced care and quality prescription products to each and every patient.

The Copely Eye Clinic has cared for patients since 1972. We provide services to age groups from 6 months to our respected seasoned citizens.

Appointments are preferred but we do accept walk-in patients who have no objection to waiting. Every effort is made to see patients at their appointed time. However, since healthcare of any type is very personal and individualized and at times involves caring for patients with emergency needs, our doctors will not sacrifice quality for speed. We ask that patients allow enough time to make their visit pleasant and unhurried. We also understand if they must reschedule should their appointment be delayed for any reason.

Multilingual services are available and handicap facilities are offered for parking and personal needs.

Our Doctors

Dr. A. Richard Copely

Dr. A. Richard Copely, Jr., is a Board Certified Optometric Physician who established The Copely Eye Clinic in 1972. His specialties are primary eye health care, medical diagnosis and treatment, pre and post operative cataract and Lasik care and contact lenses of all types.

After graduation, Dr. Copely serviced patients for one year in a comprehensive health clinic affiliated with Temple University Hospital in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania until drafted during the Viet Nam War. He served two years as Captain in the United States Air Force at Carswell AFB SAC Command Hospital in Ft. Worth, Texas.

Following military service, he relocated in Orlando to join James Stokes, MD Ophthalmologist, for two years prior to establishing his own private practice. Since then, he has cared for patients and their families in the same location and continues to make every effort to deliver exceptional professional services and preserve a special, personal communication between patient and doctor.


Office Hours:

Office/Optical hours are Mon-Thurs 8am-5pm and Friday 8am-1pm or until the last patient needing assistance from the doctor's area has been serviced.

Professional Services:

The physicians of the Copely Eye Clinic provide primary eye health care, diagnosis and treatment of Ocular Surface Diseases with an emphasis on Dry eye Syndrome, contact lenses of all types and prescription eyeglasses.

Medical Diagnosis and treatment for:
  • Glaucoma
  • Diabetes and Associated Retinal Changes
  • Cataracts - Pre and Post Operative Care
  • Laser Sight Correction (Lasik) - Pre and Post Operative Care
  • Sudden Change or Loss Of Vision
  • Foreign Objects In The Eye
  • Eye Injuries
  • Inflammatory Disease - Dry Eye Syndrome
  • Allergic Conditions
  • Ocular Infection

Prescription Eyeglasses , Digital Lenses and Lifestyle Dispensing With Optical Finishing Lab

On Premises

Contact Lenses of All Types With Specialty in Difficult To Fit, Monofit, Bifocal, Cosmetic and Keratoconus lenses

Laser Sight Correction:

The Copely Eye Clinic refers these patients out to our co-managed partners and follows up with the patient during all phases of the procedure

Contact Lenses:

Contact Lenses are plastic material worn directly on the eye, often for extended periods of time. In order to avoid permanent damage to the eye, including blindness, it is very important that patients follow the doctors instruction for wear and care of lenses.

Prescription Eyeglasses:

The Copely Eye Clinic has a beautiful optical. We have only the best trained staff managing this area for the protection of our patients. In order to avoid problems and additional expense, we encourage every patient to remain where they have their eye health services. We are responsible for the professional services and products we provide but cannot be responsible for the quality and workmanship of products and services rendered elsewhere.

Only the best quality prescription lenses are dispensed to our patients in order to achieve the clearest possible vision. We stock eyeglass frames that compliment their appearance while providing maximum wearing comfort and durability. Every effort is made to satisfy fashion requests as well as budget needs for all patients.

For those patients not using insurance, we have a large inventory of lenses and frames which allows us to provide one hour or same day service for many prescriptions.

Drug-Free Workplace:

The Copely Eye Clinic is a Drug-Free Workplace. We reserve the right to administer random drug testing in order to protect you our patients and our corporation. You may not be under the influence of any unapproved or illegal substance while employed with our company. If you choose to arrive at work in this manner, you waive all rights to compensation for any actions that may harm you our patients or our brand and will be subject to immediate termination.

Employment Opportunities:

The Copely Eye Clinic is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate on the basis of race, sex, creed, age, national origin, marital status, disability or handicap. Every effort is made to employ those individuals who are best qualified and capable of providing care directly and indirectly to our patients according to the philosophies of kindness, caring and teamwork, which are vital to our success and stability as a caregiver and employer.

Qualifications For Employment:

All applicants must have satisfactory work and character references and meet the standards of the position for which they are applying.


An orientation period of at least 2 weeks will be followed in order to assure acclimation into new positions. Instruction and constructive criticism are part of that period and should be regarded as necessary when adapting to a new job and not taken personally.

Probationary Period:

A probationary period of 90 days from the date of hire must be completed. An evaluation will be given upon successful completion of this period. This period may be extended or employment terminated at any time, if appropriate or indicated.

Policies, Courtesy and Conduct:

Courtesy and appropriate, professional conduct are the responsibility of each and every team member. The patients are our primary concern. Every patient is to be given prompt efficient and courteous attention with emphasis on caring. Caring and quality service are our major defense against loss of patients to our competitors.

Positive and well informed telephone manners are critical. The first impression to the office is created by the individual answering the patient call. All calls are to be answered promptly and courteously and placed on hold only if necessary after politely informing the caller.

With respect for the business nature of the office and in order that patients can reach us for appointments or other services, NO PERSONAL PHONE CALLS ARE ALLOWED. Period! Remember that conversations can be heard in the patient area station and at front reception.

Always remember that all calls may be recorded and/or monitored for quality assurance and training purposes.

Cell phones are to be kept in the employee lockers and used ONLY during lunch breaks. All persons who might need to contact employees should be informed that only emergency calls may be received during scheduled work times.

Small mints for throat moisture and breath control can be kept in a uniform pocket and used as necessary with discretion but chewing gum is NOT allowed. In order to control pests, ALL food is to be kept in the lounge. A beverage can be kept at the work station as long as it is small and plain - NO BIG GULPS - or uncovered containers. Remove or discard any remaining beverages at the end of the work day.

Wage Administration:

Wages are based on position, level of experience, overall job performance and evaluations. The ability to compensate staff is directly related to the success of the practice. A consistently busy practice whose patients are satisfied and refer other patients offers the best opportunity for advancement and maximum salary for any particular position up to an appropriate level.

Staff is not to discuss salary information with others in the office. This is a personal compensation agreement between Copely Eye Clinic management and individuals staff members. If there are public discussions of compensation, those involved will be subject to immediate termination

Standards For Performance Review:

Evaluations Will Be Based On The Following:

  • Knowledge of the clinic/optical and services provided to the patients
  • Attitude and level of motivation during performance of duties
  • Willingness to follow directions and cooperate with the team philosophy
  • Demonstration of respect for management guidance and responsibilities
  • Reliability in reporting to work on time
  • communication skills with patients
  • Adherence to dress and grooming code
  • Telephone skills and behavior
  • Ability to accept constructive suggestions for performance improvement
  • Efficiency and thoroughness in performing duties
  • Participation in assuring that staff lounge is kept clean and orderly
  • Attendance at scheduled staff meetings
  • Maintaining a clean, neat and organized work area

Time Clock:

Employees may not clock in before 7:45 without managements approval. All after hour work must also be approved by management

Each employee will receive a unique card and be instructed in the proper use of the time clock. It is the responsibility of each employee to scan in and out when presenting for work, leaving and returning for lunch and leaving at the end of the day.

With each scan there will be a message that indicates a check in and out has been successfully recorded. If this message is not seen or an error message appears, please notify management so that the time can be adjusted and recorded properly.

(Note: You must wait for the GREEN confirmation in order to have your time recorded. It sometimes takes a few seconds. Please be patient)

Staff is NOT to scan in and then remain in the lounge to eat or complete any other non work related activity. Once the work day has been completed, each employee is to clock out.

Proper scanning (clocking in/out) is the responsibility of each employee. Improper scanning and/or failure to report any difficulties with scanning in and out will result in non paid time.

Time Schedules:

In order to assure adequate staffing patterns for patient care and fairness to all team members, time schedules are prepared 2 weeks in advance. Special request forms for time off MUST be completed and submitted for approval at least two weeks in advance.

Time off requests are considered on a first come first served basis. Since our first priority is staffing for patients care needs, submission of a request does not mean that approval will be granted. Employees who have accrued vacation or sick time must use that for time off requests. If all vacation time or sick time has been used then request days off are subject to manager approval.

Overtime is paid at a rate of time and one half for any hourly employee only when scheduled and/or approved by the respective supervisory persons for doctor and optical staff. The EXCEPTION to this rate of pay is for staff meetings which are paid at a rate of straight time.


Paychecks are distributed weekly by the end of the work day on Wednesday.

The following deductions are mandatory based on income and fixed formula by the Federal Government:

Social Security Taxes
Federal Withholding Taxes
Medicare Tax

Other deductions are made at the employees request and/or if enrolled in a major medical plan.

Employers are required to match the employees's Social Security and Medicare taxes.

Each employee is required to provide a signed W-4 form for each calendar year.


The Following benefits are specific for employees who are hired to work on a full time basis over 30 hours per week.

Vacation: (this time will begin on the anniversary date of hire)

1 Full Year Of Employment: 1 Week - (40 Hours)
2 - 7 Years Of Employment: 2 Weeks (80 Hours)
8 - 12 Years Of Employment: 12 Days (96 Hours)
13 or more Years Of Employment: 15 Days (120 Hours)

Vacation requests are granted on a first come first served basis and are approved based on staffing needs of the clinic and optical. They must be submitted as soon as possible but no less than one month in advance of the requested date(s) and may be taken in increments of one week unless otherwise requested and approved.


The office will close for the following dates as paid holidays for all employees who have successfully completed a 90 day probationary period.

New Years Day
Memorial Day
July 4th
Labor Day
Christmas Day

Sick Time:

(sick time begins on the anniversary date of hire)

In order to allow for unexpected illness, employees who have completed one full year of employment will be eligible for 5 sicks days each year. They may not be carried over into the next year.

Sick days with pay require a note from a physician.

Unexpected Closures:

In the event of closures due to natural disasters (ie: tornadoes, hurricanes..etc), staffing/technical issues or any other issue that keeps us from assisting our patients, The Copely Eye Clinic is not responsible for lost hours and compensation. Vacation hours will be authorized for use but sick time will not apply

Health and Dental Plan:

After successful completion of the 90 day probationary period, each full time employee becomes eligible for enrollment with the major medical/dental insurance plan. The premium is shared 50% with the employee for the established company plan as a weekly payroll deduction. Family coverage is available but fully paid by the employee.

Participation is not mandatory but non participation must be confirmed with a waiver signed by the employee.

The benefit will be maintained as long as insurance rates are affordable for the business.

Workers Compensation

Protection against loss of income due to a work related injury is provided through worker's compensation insurance. This coverage is carried for all employees. Any accident or injury must have occurred while on paid work time, on work premises and must be reported to management immediately in order to qualify.

There are locations in the office that may cause injury if proper safety instructions are not followed. By agreeing to this form, you forfeit the right to collect any compensation of any kind if you choose not to follow our safety guidelines.

Jury Duty:

Necessary jury duty will be paid at a regular rate. Any compensation paid for the jury duty is to be given to the office as compensation for the employee absence. Since the office depends on reliable staffing and can only cover cover for short periods of absence, should an employee be selected for extended jury duty time, appeal of service must be completed in order to avoid the need to replace the position.

Use Of Cell Phones:

Cell phones are to be kept in the employees individual locker during work times - NO EXCEPTIONS-.


The Copely Eye Clinic is a non-smoking facility. Employees and patients/visitors may only smoke outside of the building.

Employee Services:

Employees who have completed a designated 90 day probationary period are eligible to receive professional services at no charge and necessary prescription products at cost.
Services and products for immediate family* will be at 50% of usual fees and charges.
Other family members are eligible to receive services and products at 30% off usual fees and charges.
*Immediate family is defined by Spouse, Children, Mother and Father

Personal Appearance:

The success and acceptance of The Copely Eye Clinic depends in large measure upon the image presented to patients and visitors.
As a healthcare provider, we have a responsibility to keep our staff and environment clean and professional to prevent the spread of infection and/or disease to patients and other staff members. For this reason, extremes of clothing are not permitted and a uniform dress code has been established.

Our office will provide 3 pairs of scrubs and have designated says in which each color will be worn. Scrubs are to be laundered separately from towels, sheets and other similar materials. Scrubs are replaced 1 time per calendar year. If scrubs become faded, stained or no longer fit properly, these will be replaced at employees expense. If employees leave their position prior to completing the 90 day probationary period, the cost of the 3 pairs of scrubs will be deducted from any pending paycheck. Zip up jackets/hoodies are not permitted. Medical grade layers may be worn.

Tattoos & Piercings
Visible tattoos must be covered. Only basic ear piercing's may be visible to the public. All others must be removed prior to arriving to the office.

Shoes are to be clean and in good repair.
Hair is to be professional in appearance. Long hair is to be pulled back and confined away from the face. Beards or mustaches are to be kept trimmed and neat.

No excess of make-up or perfumes.
Fingernails are to be kept a reasonable length, clean and light colored nail polish, if desired. Technicians, optical dispensers and contact lens technicians are to keep short, clean nails at all times in order to avoid accidental injury while working in close proximity to the patient's face and eyes.

Employee Relations:

The Copely Eye Clinic has a very diverse staff of all ages and backgrounds. It is our goal to work together as a team with each employee. Challenges to our team can arise when gossip and non-work related conversations occur. Those engaged in in office bullying, gossip or hearsay, will be subject to immediate termination.

Use of The Internet:

Use of the internet on station computers is restricted to activities related to work. Personal use is not permitted. Wi-Fi is provided for use during lunch breaks.

Fire and Safety Regulations:

It is the responsibility of each employee:

  1. To know the location of fire extinguishers and their operation for use in the event of an emergency. 
  2. To know the location of each emergency EXIT from the building and how to use the exits.
  3. To conduct themselves in such a way as to avoid accidents. This includes the handling and disposal of any items or agents known to be hazardous in nature. 

Lockers have been provided for each employee to secure their personal items and protect them from theft or damage. Each employee should secure the locker with a combination lock. The combination should be given to their manager for access in case of emergency. 

Management Staff:

In addition to performing as designated managers, the doctor and optical management positions are held by persons who also work side by side with the staff in delivering patient care. They are responsible for carrying out the directions and wishes of the doctors. 

All of these  duties are directed towards assuring delivery of maximum quality care to our patients. This is accomplished by: 

* Preparing and maintaining time schedules that assure adequate staffing
* Observing and evaluating staff performance
*Addressing staff suggestions and issues in a timely manner, at an appropriate time
*Assigning staff duties and responsibilities thoroughly and fairly to assure timely completion of tasks

Courtesy and respect are expected from all staff members toward their manager. In order not to interfere with patient care, please make an appointed time when speaking with them about issues or concerns. Should the issue or concern involve the manager, please request time with Dr. Copely.

Employee Lounge:

The employee lounge is provided for the comfort and convenience of the staff during their designated lunch period. For the safety and health of each person using the lounge for consumption of food, it MUST be kept clean.

Please bring food items in a personally identified tote bag or container and remove and remaining items at the end of the work day.

All foods brought to the lounge refrigerator not identified will be discarded when found. Each employee is responsible for cleaning, drying and storing their eating utensils and containers. Any containers or utensils found not stored at the end of the day will be discarded. Those employees using the coffee pot are responsible for emptying and cleaning it after use.

The refrigerator must be kept clean to avoid health problems for everyone. Please work together as a team to be sure this is maintained. 

Microwave is to be kept clean at all times to avoid fire from dried food.

Damaging On-Site Property

If you or any other team members happen to damage ANY office property (ie: computers, camera, machines..etc), one or all of you will be responsible for paying for the damaged item. The manner in which this is determined is up to The Copely Eye Clinic management team. So BE CAREFUL! We have many items that are very expensive. Take your time and take care of your work space!

Your vehicle & Personal Belongings

When you park at our office, you need to make sure you remove all valuable items and bring them inside to your locker. The Copely Eye Clinic and its affiliates are not responsible for any damage or theft to your vehicle or personal items while you are parked on premises.

Welcome To Our Team!

We are happy to have you join us! It is our sincere hope that you find professional gratification with us and remain with our family for a very long time!

Within the limits imposed by changes in healthcare, we have made a commitment to provide employment opportunities that offer pleasant conditions, good benefits and job security.